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Posts made in October, 2011

Twitter Basics for Beginners: Small Business Guide to Navigating the Twitterverse

By on Oct 15, 2011 in Social Media Marketing, Twitter | 28 comments

Did you know that Twitter has its own language? For business owners who are just beginning to build a social media presence, learning the language of  Twitter is the first step in helping you successfully navigate the twitterverse. As a small business owner, using Twitter has become an invaluable tool. This social media platform is being used in many sectors....

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3 Ways to Avoid Time Wasters and Keep It Moving!

By on Oct 7, 2011 in Entrepreneurs | 22 comments

Have you ever felt a burning desire to do something great, but did’nt know how to start? I’m sure we have all had a desire to start a business, run a race, make something for loved one, do something artistic, but you were at a lost on how to get started.  To be honest, I’ve felt that way plenty of times. Why do we sometimes feel stuck? Lack motivation or fail to...

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