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5 Easy Steps to Start Your Blog

By on Sep 23, 2010 in Blogging | 1 comment

In my last post, Blogging for Business Owners is Serious Business, I talked about why small business owners should seriously consider blogging.  Today we talk about the 5 easy steps to start blogging.  Blogging as with anything, is not difficult if you have a plan.


1. Determine Your Niche 

Create a schedule and determine how often you will submit post to blog.  Keeping content fresh is key to maintaining a blog that people will want to read.  No wants to come to the same page and see the same information.  Like any relationship, it’s important to keep it fresh by keeping others interested in what you have to say.


 2. Identify Your Target Audience

You might be wondering why we are considering the target audience first.  Well the key is developing any successful business is knowing who will potentially buy your product or service.  In this case, who is likely to want to know more about your business and the products and services you offer.


3. Set Up Your Hosting Plan and Domain

Its better to host your own domain rather than using a free web hosting plan.  Hosting your own blog gives your blog a more professional look.


4. Choose A Blog Platform

There are some really cool blogging platforms out there including Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and Blogspot.  These platforms are fairly easy to use and come with built in themes, therefore if you are not a web developer, no need to worry.  Just sign up for an account and most of these sites provide easy steps to help you set up your blog page.


5. Marketing and Measuring Your Blog

There are many free social media websites out there.  Determine which platform best suits your business.  Where are your customers are online?  Which social media websites do they frequent?  Are they on Linkedin? or Do they hang out on Facebook? Do they tweet the latest news?

Determine where your customers are.  One way to do this is by surveying your customers or asking them directly.  The fun part is measuring the blog to see how well your work is paying off.  Google Analytics is a great tool to track how well you’re blog is doing online.

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