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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Visibility

By on Jan 29, 2013 in LinkedIn | 6 comments

How to boost your LinkedIn Profile Visibility ID-10047304

Our society has grown increasingly visual in a short amount of time.   I’m sure this is not a surprising revelation for you.

People are more drawn to images and according to blogger Jeff Bullas , images “are becoming  the universal language”, helping to drive engagement on  social platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

LinkedIn is also taking advantage of this growing trend, by revamping its LinkedIn Home Page, giving users more opportunities to boost their visibility on the site.

LinkedIn Home gives you a glimpse into your connections activities, including new connections made, updates to profiles, new endorsements and, likes and comments on articles.  Below are a few additional ways to boost your visibility on LinkedIn.


1. Add a Picture

Sounds rather simple right? Just upload a picture that looks professional.  More importantly make sure your photo is one you wouldn’t mind a potential business associate seeing.  Preferably one that doesn’t make viewers says “what were you doing when this was taken?”

Think titles are more important than content?  Think again.  It doesn’t matter what your title is, if you don’t have a photo, studies show people are less likely to click on a profile.   It’s much easier to associate a name with a face or personal brand when you have a picture.


2. Optimize Your Profile Title

Standard job titles are thing of the past and certainly for your LinkedIn profile.  Try changing your profile title to describe what you do.

Don’t just state the title of your current position, general title or category. Optimize you profile with keywords and key-phrases that highlight what you have to offer and search terms people are likely to use when searching for someone in your industry.   Your profile title should entice others to click and find out more.  Below is an example of my profile title that describes what I do.


LinkedIn Title 1-28-2013 6-01-46 PM

LinkedIn Title


3.  Promote Your Website or Blog:

Adding links to your website adds visibility to your business.  Let your connections know what you’re doing.  What do have to offer that would make a connection want to do business with you?


Links to Blogs and Websites1-28-2013 6-21-16 PM

Links to Blogs and Websites


4.  Whose Searching LinkedIn For You ?

Find out specifically “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” in the past 7 days.  This feature provides insight into who’s viewed your profile and provides opportunities to connect with new people in your industry.  It’s a great way to see who’s interested in what you do. It’s also a way to gain new connections.

Who's Viewed Your Profile in 7 days 1-29-2013 12-04-35 PM

Who’s Viewed Your Profile in the past 7 days


5. Linked Trends

If you click on people who viewed your profile you will be taken to a screen that shows trends in the upper right hand corner.  Trends show how often you’ve appeared in Search in the last 90 days.  Did the people, who viewed your profile, request a connection?  If not, why not?  Are there opportunities to optimize your profile to find better connections in your industry?


LinkedIn Profile Trends 1-28-2013 6-41-00 PM

LinkedIn Profile Trends


6. Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations add credibility.  Who can validate your work experience? Who have you worked with on projects? Recommendations not only show you have relevant work experience and the expertise in a particular area, it also shows how you’ve added value to a company or project.


LinkedIn Recommendation 1-28-2013 7-50-48 PM

LinkedIn Recommendation

What About You?

Do you have any suggestions for optimizing your LinkedIn Profile you’d like to share?  We look to hearing your feedback in the comments sections.


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