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Marketing Your Personal Brand With LinkedIn

By on Dec 4, 2011 in LinkedIn, Social Media Marketing | 1 comment

Want to get the most out of LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social network that’s primarily used for business networking. LinkedIn is invaluable when it comes to business networking, building your personal brand and professional reputation.

Let’s face it. Building a network is a part of doing business.

No man is an island as the song goes. Growing your network online with LinkedIn can help you get the word out about you and your business.

LinkedIn tools can help you get and stay connected. I’ve found that LinkedIn is a great tool for networking online with people you meet offline. I’ve met a number of people with whom I’ve exchanged cards at networking events lately.

Most of them will look me up and connect on LinkedIn within a matter of hours after our initial meeting. Here’s a pretty cool guide that shows you how to customize your LinkedIn profile to attract more connections.

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