Hybrid clubs emerged during the 1990s to help golfers with low striking power. These aim to increase accurate shots and make golfers lift the ball higher. However, the original plan is an improvement in the loft. The outcome is different. It resulted to a greater distance when hitting the ball. As the name implies, a hybrid club is the combination of features of two clubs. The modification is a slight or a considerable one to produce versatility and improve performance.

Should you use a hybrid or stick to your irons? Before you could answer this question, read on the different factors involved in using a hybrid.


Hybrid golf clubs offer an increase in accuracy of hitting the ball due to its bigger club head. Accuracy also refers to the forgiving nature of the club. With a hybrid club, players have the higher probability of landing a ball nearer the green. This happens since the club head created a suitable contact with the ball, hitting it accurately into the fairway. In order to maximize accuracy, substitute your irons with hybrid clubs, one notch higher than the number of the iron you want to replace.


Hybrid ClubsThe trajectory is the path the ball makes through space after the club head’s impact. Hybrid clubs have a higher trajectory compared to your typical iron sets. This trajectory is a crucial factor in reaching the green. It may or may not give you the distance that you need to reach the fairway and nearer to the green. Though hybrid club heads are larger and lower center of gravity, swing stance is also important. Your stance helps in achieving the proper path for the ball to land in the right spot that is the fairway or the green.


A hybrid club has a number that denotes the corresponding iron it replaces. For example, a 4-hybrid replaces a 4-iron. However, in most cases, this kind of substitution creates confusion and misinterpretation to golfers. When substituting a hybrid with the same numbered iron, players most likely hit the ball farther with the hybrid. This happens since the hybrid clubs have a different loft, club head, and shaft length. The club head of a hybrid has a deeper center of gravity in comparison to its counterpart in the iron set. Thus, in making a replacement, you should take note of your own striking power and experiences during a play.


When used correctly, hybrids offer many advantages that you can use in your play. Use a hybrid club depending on the area of the golf course. For example, if you are in the tee area, use the hybrid as if you are using a fairway wood. The swing motion is similar to a sweeping motion (as if you are holding a broom). Remember, hybrid clubs have a lower center of gravity. This characteristic offers a greater distance when you hit a ball. Thus, you do not have to make an upswing to lift the ball off the tee. Otherwise, you might land the ball in the unwanted and difficult area of the course.

Hybrid golf clubs are a great addition in your golf bag. If you are not skillful with your swing, using a hybrid enhances your play. You may replace your irons with hybrids, but you also have to consider your skills and striking power in choosing the right replacement. These clubs are powerful when you use the right technique. These are also versatile and you can use them anywhere in the golf course, except in the putting green. You can use these hybrids to get you out of the rough, or a sand trap.

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